Christmas 2023



Without working files and, an unconfirmed ATL to align with and a lot of little elves to champion – we created a Vodafone Christmas retail campaign to spark joy in stores, drop the jaws of shoppers on the high street, and remind everyone across the UK that Vodafone is the perfect gifting destination for the festive season.





In 2022 Vodafone launched ‘Elf & Seek’; a Pokémon GO style Christmas game with products and prizes to be won. The game was a big hit, and as Christmas 2023 approached Vodafone asked us to find a joyful and immersive way to bring their cheeky Elf game characters to life through a standout in-store campaign. And with all the Elf content only existing within the AR game, we’d need to convert each character assets, while shaping a fun new narrative to give these elves a role in stores, into a large format file size used for print.


We knew our retail story needed to tie into the sentiment of Vodafone’s ATL which would convey that Vodafone brings people joy and helps them ‘Feel the Connection’ to their loved ones at Christmas. Our idea was to position these Vodafone elves as playful, cheeky, mischievous little Christmas characters. Across 5 flagship and 406 stores, we created an arsenal of amusing assets ranging from vinyl wraps, and multi-layered window art to epic 3D builds and 2-story digital displays. In every store, big and small, we showed cheeky elves popping out from behind pillars, hopping over presents, pulling faces and dropping down the chimneys into homes helping shoppers find joy wherever they go – in the form of top tech products and an award-winning network connection from Vodafone – and so helping them share special moments together at Christmas.

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