Vodafone Christmas Campaign 2022


Vodafone Christmas Campaign 2022

Vodafone want you to #FeelTheConnection this Christmas! Our Vodafone Christmas 2022 retail campaign is now live across the UK and can be seen in all Vodafone stores including flagship.

#FeelTheConnection is the overarching platform for all of Vodafone’s current campaigns, whether its sports sponsorships like Wimbledon, or Welsh Rugby, or music festivals. Connection is at the heart of each of the campaigns, with Vodafone showcasing the power of connection to bring people closer.

This Christmas, #FeelTheConnection aims to bring families together over the festive period with a little help from digital technology and using the power of connection to ignite happiness.

The retail campaign brings the #FeelTheConnection creative concept to life with eye-catching window displays, striking props, and engaging Christmas themed POS, all aimed to captivate the attention of shoppers and make their shopping experience unforgettable.

Special shoutout to our Vodafone team and Creative team for creating this wonderful campaign! Don’t miss out on this campaign live in all Vodafone stores and flagship across the country this Christmas!