Playing to the senses and enjoying the results 


Playing to the senses and enjoying the results

Immersive experiences are all around. Whether you’re discovering art from a new perspective with Van Gogh, exploring the natural world with David Attenborough, or blasting to the moon with Tom Hanks, these experiences are designed to awaken and explore the senses in exciting new ways.

They are also proving to be an incredibly powerful tool for brands to connect with their audiences and create a sense of community, many having long used immersive experiences as part of their marketing efforts. Now, with technology making them more financially viable, these experiences continue to capture an audience’s undivided attention by engaging sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, creating fandom in a matter of moments. With a reach far beyond just the attendees, consumers are responding positively and they’re now more impactful than ever.

Despite the brand love and PR opportunities they can generate, there remains some distrust within the industry and clients often don’t associate them with the commercial results they can also offer. Over “61 percent of B2B marketers and 70 percent of B2C marketers agree or strongly agree that they struggle to prove the value of experiential programming to their C-suite.” Consequently, when times are tough, they’re the first to be dismissed.

It’s an outdated perception that immersive experiences are difficult to measure, and the solution is simple. Different objectives require different models for measurement and whether it’s about moments of interaction (sampling), content building (influencer), or fame-driving (immersive) experiences, we have the tools and insights to measure success effectively.

Experiential isn’t right for every brand, but with 20 years of experience, we’ve found that specific marketing objectives can lead to events that look beautiful both in person and on the balance sheets.

What makes our brand experiences unmissable, genuinely compelling, and stand out from the rest?

Here’s why Haygarth is different:

The Hook: Fuelling desire by tapping into culture in a unique way.

The Narrative: Offering thought-provoking storytelling and extraordinary experiences.

The Feeling: Triggering emotions and memorable, visceral sensations.

The Content: Providing opportunities for content capture before, during and after.

The Action: Seamlessly leading into the next action we want people to take.

Immersive brand experiences can be trigger points for retail and at Haygarth, we’re committed to demonstrating how, with the right strategy and execution, immersive events can achieve significant reach and drive substantial financial results:

L’Oreal: Maison Margiela ‘Replica Memory Box’

101% Sales Uplift – 1,900 Visitors – 25 million reach through influencer + retail

We cut through the noisy fragrance industry with a multi-sensorial pop-up exhibition bursting with engaging moments of connection and nostalgia. We united product and consumer in an impactful way, turning Maison Margiela’s REPLICA range into the Parfum de Jour.
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‘Wonder of Friendship’

40,000 tickets sold – 1.4 billion reach (PR, UGC + Organic) – 88% rated Excellent or Good

2023 marked Disney’s 100th anniversary. To celebrate, we gave Gen Z a fresh and meaningful way to connect, through our ultra-personalisable, immersive pop-up event that toured four of Europe’s coolest cities.
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‘Behind the layers’

£88,000 revenue generated – 356 million reach from PR & Social – 40,000 attendees

Ferrero Rocher, whilst well-known, was starting to become a habitual Christmas gift. We reintroduced old and new Ferrero Rocher fans to the brand in a way that made them appreciate its complexity and unique taste with an awe-inspiring experience.
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Get in touch to see how Haygarth’s transformative creativity can elevate your brand with captivating, immersive experiences that deliver measurable success. Together we can create extraordinary experiences that inspire action and make your brand easy to love.