Haagen Yaasz!


Project Background

Working with Haagen Dasz we created an engaging social campaign that launched their new low-cal gelato range, at a time when just about everyone is saying no – January! Our stop motion campaign stopped thumbs and got people talking.

The Challenge

Haagen-Dazs came to us with a delicious predicament: get people to say “yes” to gelato mini pots… in January, a month that might as well be renamed “no”. Our challenge was to reframe the calorie messaging from shaming to reassuring, while communicating the best part of all: absolutely no compromise on taste. And all with a brave concept that could beat January blues with a sprinkling of sass and positivity. Spoons up; challenge accepted. Our audience could be separated into two scoops: luxury ‘full fat’ lovers who purchased infrequently; and regular ‘low calorie’ queens. But what united them was a desire to kick January’s shame culture to the curb, sharing dieting “fails” unapologetically across Social. Which is exactly where we found our sweet spot – because at 150 calories per pot, we gave them permission to say “yes!” to the indulgence they deserved. A big fat spoonful of “yes”, actually.

The Idea

We turned a yawn into (you guessed it) a “yaazs!!!”. Taking over social with our new, sassy mantra and a series of super sweet stop motion videos, we pulled the audience out of hibernation and armed them with delicious mini pots and lashings of attitude, to help them take on the day. With the help of gelato-loving influencers, we spread the positivity that people craved – and with it, the instantly iconic #HaagenYaazs was born.

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